Überschrift: CF-4030 D

CF-4030 D

Heavy-duty floor cutter for narrow and winding construction sites up to heavy-duty use on construction sites with high daily output. The powerful diesel engine with the latest exhaust gas standard stage 5 turbo-charged with charge air cooling, water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation and exhaust gas aftertreatment system complies with current environmental protection requirements. The CF-4030 is delivered as a walk-behind machine as standard. A footboard with adjustable seat for the operator is available as an accessory. On request, the CF-4030 can also be equipped with a petrol engine.

Features & Characteristics

  • Supplied with blade guard 1000 mm
  • Latest exhaust emission standard stage 5
  • Water supply through the cutting shaft
  • Electronic cutting depth measurement
  • Hydraulic steering

Technical specifications

  • Max. cutting depth:

    410 mm

  • Saw Blade Ø:

    600 - 1000 mm

  • Cutting shaft speed:


  • Bore hole of blade:

    35 mm+ 6-Loch

  • Blade mounting:

    left or right

  • Max. mounting width:

    20 mm

  • Max. motor output:

    41,0 kW

  • Motor output (net):

    41,0 kW

  • Motor type:


  • Motor designation:

    Doosan D18

  • Motor starter:

    Electric starter

  • Cutting depth adjustment:


  • Feed:


  • Dimensions L/W/H (transport):

    1625 / 1275 / 1295 mm

  • Weight:

    980 kg