Überschrift: CF-1010 T

CF-1010 T

The very compact dry-cut joint cutter CF-1010 T has been specially developed for fast cutting of connection and expansion joints in asphalt or fresh concrete. No additional cooling water is needed to cut the joints. The resulting cuttings are filtered and collected in the powerful extraction system and can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Features & Characteristics

  • Integrated electronic cutting depth measurement with display
  • Uniform feed due to hydrostatic feed drive
  • Integrated extraction unit with 2 cyclone separators
  • No cutting slurry - Fast construction completion
  • Height-adjustable handles

Technical specifications

  • Max. cutting depth:

    110 mm

  • Saw Blade Ø:

    350 mm

  • Bore hole of blade:

    25,4 mm

  • Blade mounting:

    left or right

  • Max. mounting width:

    20 mm

  • Max. motor output:

    15,5 kW

  • Motor output (net):

    15,5 kW

  • Motor type:


  • Motor designation:

    Honda GX-630

  • Motor starter:

    Electric starter

  • Cutting depth adjustment:


  • Feed:


  • Dimensions L/W/H (transport):

    1510 / 750 / 1650 mm

  • Weight:

    510 kg